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Combo Roof system is an assured solution for your roof. It is a combined system of roofing which provides thermal insulation to the roof, complete water proofing of the roof and finishing of the roof. This ensures beautiful looking buildings with no chances of leakage for at least 25 years. It provides thermal insulation which comes in handy in warm countries like the UAE and reduces the temperature inside the building on a hot summer day from 10-15 degrees. Our product is produced and applied by the same people as we take its care every step of the way like none other.

We ensure 100% waterproofing as we use multi layered waterproofing products. Our combo roof system produces most efficient thermal insulation resulting in lesser electricity bills as well as thermal shock resistance.

It can bridge expansions and contractions due to weather change and not let the roofing solution break. We start by our spray application of foam to assure total bonding with the roof and then apply the final liquid coating to secure it 100%. It is the fastest way to insulate and water proof your roof without even having any joints. It has been approved by the top authorities like Dubai Municipality.

Benefits of Combo Roof System:

100% Waterproofing

20-25 year guarantee

Perfect finish

Easy repair and low maintenance

Most efficient thermal insulation resulting in lesser electricity bills

Multilayer Waterproofing

Thermal shock resistance

State of the art spray technology

Lower temperature

Roof tiles not required.

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Combo Roofing Waterproofing


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